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Ensuring fast, seamless, efficient deployment and management of critical connectivity services in built up urban areas.

With over 860 rooftop sites in our growing portfolio, we oversee administration and management of our customers’ rooftop projects, allowing them to focus on their core business.

Mobile Phone 5G on Rooftop
We bring over 22 years’ of diverse experience working alongside rooftop and building owners, with specialist property and customer service personnel who understand the technical requirements of the often-challenging collocation process. This allows us to prioritise our customers’ needs and ensure fast and easy site access.
Our experience in building long-term relationships with rooftop and building owners, enable us to deliver seamless lease agreements and support processes for our customers, resolving issues that arise quickly and easily.


As a neutral host, our co-location and infrastructure sharing model enables customers and network providers to improve the quality and reach of their network services more quickly and cost-effectively.

Mobile Phone 5G on Rooftop
Supporting our commitment to sustainability, our colocation model minimises the environmental impact of network expansion while offering Australia-wide coverage, faster deployment and lower total costs of ownership compared with building replicated sites.
Our specialist co-location capabilities enable our customers to:
  • Deploy new coverage or network upgrades faster and easier

  • Minimise capital expenditure and maximise ROI

  • Minimise risk

  • Minimise disruption to their customers

Customer portal

The Indara Customer Portal allows you to find, submit and manage colocation site applications with ease.
Our easy to use system and reporting capability ensures complete transparency and fast access to sites throughout the process.
Our proven co-location approach provides an efficient and streamlined experience for customers, with industry leading procedures born from our longevity in market.
Indara Customer Portal

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