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Attract new tenants, improve retention and user experiences with enhanced mobile connectivity indoors.

We provide wireless digital infrastructure solutions for buildings and venues across multiple enterprise sectors.

Inbuilding Network
As the demand for connectivity and data increases across our society, mobile users, regardless of whether they are inside buildings or in other outdoor locations, expect to connect and communicate.
Our Inbuilding solutions make it easy for network operators to deploy and scale superior connectivity services within buildings and venues.
By delivering a better connectivity experience, property owners can gain a clear point of difference in a highly competitive market, whilst also ensuring tenants resign their leases to retain this premium level of wireless connectivity.
By bringing advanced coverage solutions such as DAS and Small Cells to buildings and venues, we are empowering digital connectivity where our customers and communities need it most.

Benefits of our Inbuilding solutions

inbuilding connectivity
The increasing importance of inbuilding connectivity and coverage is undeniable.
Greater connectivity indoors is a key differentiator for tenant acquisition and retention and experience.
transformation of our communities
Today’s society expects infrastructure that supports their evolving lifestyles.
By building better inbuilding connectivity, you are supporting the transformation of our communities.
Advanced digital connectivity
Advanced digital connectivity infrastructure will need to be in place to support smart building applications, new enterprise services, private networks, and other innovative technologies as 5G expands.
digitalised future
At Indara, our purpose is to accelerate a digitalised future for our communities.
We will be working hard to bring innovations to our partners, ensuring they are the first to benefit from our vision.

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For a confidential discussion on inbuilding connectivity solutions for your business, contact us on 0426 005 338 or fill in the form below.