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Site Acquisition, Environment, Design

Our in-house experts have proven experience in delivering seamless, efficient SAED services that actively manage the regulatory, community and stakeholder challenges of advanced 5G network deployment.

SAED Mobile Tower Brisbane

We offer a comprehensive suite of site development services from site feasibility through to detailed design, engineering and full SAED services, to help our customers rapidly deploy their network requirements.

With an intimate knowledge of our sites, our extensive internal team of project managers, town planners, property consultants and engineers work in collaboration with our Clients, network vendors and suppliers to ensure the accuracy and precision of our site solutions, helping us to deliver fast and cost effective SAED services.

Why choose Indara for your SAED services?


We know our assets best

No one else knows our sites better than us. Our comprehensive engineering, property and equipment records mean we can provide expert SAED services faster and more accurately than anyone else.
Proven Partners

Proven delivery partners

Our in-house SAED team have detailed knowledge on the specifics of 5G deployment requirements and proven experience and operational systems to deliver full SAED services for our customers.

In house engineering expertise

We offer a comprehensive toolkit of advanced engineering techniques and solution designs to reduce tower loading and increase design capacity. Our complementary ‘Structel’ business can deliver custom designs and certifications.

Efficient co-location management

Our co-location application process reduces application processing and approval times as well as providing fair and equal access to structural capacity.

Our SAED services

Site Feasibility and Selection

  • Pre-sales engineering and property reviews
  • Scoping visits and candidate selection
  • Feasibility reports

Site Acquisition

  • In-house property experts to scope the best solution for customer requirements
  • Dedicated Program Managers to drive all applications through the co-location process with transparent progress reports to the customer
  • Known acquisition lead times on Indara assets to support the customer’s delivery forecasting

Site Design and Engineering

  • Structural assessments, upgrades, design Certification – direct access to Structel (an Indara owned entity)
  • Civil engineering services

Radio Frequency and EME Services

  • Electrical “Radio Frequency” (RF) engineering services
  • NATA accredited for all desktop EME compliance requirements

Environmental and Town Planning

  • In-house planning resources with proven success in all areas of network delivery, community consultation requirements and Deployment Code compliance.

Strategically located in premium areas, our rapidly expanding infrastructure network provides services where they are needed most.

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