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Build to Suit

From site identification through to construction, we provide and manage the entire end to end process for new tower builds.

Indara provides the full suite of site development services from site identification through to construction

Indara Built to Suit
Our in-house experts understand the unique commercial requirements of our customers and partners, with extensive experience in designing new infrastructure for all types of sites.
We build towers where our customers need them most, working in close collaborative partnerships to deliver long term strategic value.
With a proven reputation for acquiring site locations in difficult areas and premium areas, our site development services are designed to ensure a seamless customer experience.
At Indara, we have hundreds of build to suit locations in our development pipeline. Located in premium areas where acquiring sites can be challenging, our tower development services provide ongoing value for our customers.

Why choose Indara for your next site development?

Local Team
We are a local, expert team with the knowledge and authority needed to ensure the planning, licensing and securing of real estate are done properly.
Team Work
A dedicated project team is responsible for coordinating all facets of the deployment process.
Customer Support
Indara have strong and existing supplier relationships, so you don’t need to spend time finding and managing suppliers on your own.
With our vast external and internal deployment capabilities, this experience helps you access sites quickly and seamlessly.
Customer Centricity
Our business is made up of highly experienced professionals who bring an enduring focus on excellence and customer centricity to their roles. We understand your unique requirements and deliver to them, every time.

Strategically located in premium areas, our rapidly expanding infrastructure network provides services where they are needed most.

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