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Property Owners

Partner with Indara as we accelerate Australia’s digital future together

We are Indara, a leading owner and operator of digital infrastructure. We deliver critical services that empower our society and accelerate our digital future.

Property Owners
Landlords and property owners are an essential part of our digital ecosystem and an important component of our service. Without the contribution of landowners, many Australians would have limited access to essential wireless and digital communication services.
When you partner with us, you’re helping to enable the proposition of our key customers. This includes major carriers such as Optus, Telstra, Vodafone and nbn, as well as major broadcast partners, Government and Enterprise organisations.
Our partnerships and collaborations with landlords, local councils, government and communities help to ensure we maximise connectivity coverage, with minimal environmental impact. But most importantly, you’ll be helping more Australians stay connected to what matters most.
4G/5G Mobile Tower
When you partner with us, you’ll be joining a team of landowners across Australia, who also enjoy multiple financial benefits from leasing their property to us. Your unused and underutilised land or assets can provide your family or business with a secure, long term revenue stream.
Our landlords and property owners have an important and exciting role to play in enabling the development of digital infrastructure which will empower the next generation of telecommunications.

Join us as we accelerate Australia’s digital future together

Indara Landlord Benefits

Landlord Benefits

Unlock financial benefits on your property and empower a better digital future for your community.

Indara - Existing Landlords

Existing Landlords

We value our longstanding relationships with landlords, and work hard to ensure their lease agreements are managed with care and transparency.

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We will work hard to ensure your issues or questions are resolved promptly.


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If you are interested in generating additional revenue streams by leasing your property to Australia’s largest provider of tower and rooftop sites for mobile carrier equipment, please reach out to our property team today.

Alternatively, if you have been contacted by a third party asking about buying your existing lease, please contact our property specialist immediately.