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Indara Digital Infrastructure announces proof of concept
Solar Energy program with Optus

Optus equipment at Indara’s Bankstown facility to be powered by solar energy

We are pleased to announce Indara has partnered with Optus to design and deliver multiple green energy proof-of-concepts including a Solar Energy program.

The Solar Energy program, which involves the installation of 24 x 545-watt solar panels configured into three arrays at Indara’s Bankstown site, will enable Optus to power most of their equipment on site with green reliable energy during daylight times. Each array will be controlled by a smart outdoor photovoltaic controller, which will convert DC power from solar panels to usable DC voltage ranging from 42V to 58V.

The proof-of-concept Solar Energy program is the starting step within Optus and Indara’s broader green energy partnership plans.

Indara’s Head of Asset Operations, Dragi Prespanoski, said, “Powering our Bankstown site with renewable energy in partnership with Optus paves the way for all our customers to accelerate progress towards their sustainability targets. Green energy will also help customers realise substantial operational cost reductions which aligns with Indara’s purpose of creating a more sustainable future.”

For Indara, the proof-of-concept program with Optus marks the first commercial initiative in the organisation’s Green Energy Strategy. If the program is successful, Indara will look to broaden its reach across its customer base and extend the Green Energy program to other viable sites, incorporating other renewable energy sources.

Indara’s CEO, Cameron Evans, said: “At Indara, we work closely with all our partners to help them realise their business goals. We are extremely pleased that this proof-of-concept program marks an important step for both organisations as we work together to deliver a more sustainable digital future for all Australians.”

Optus’ Vice President Network Deployment & Infrastructure, Martin Lamprecht, said, “This proof-of-concept with Indara is an important further step in Optus’ journey towards our Net Zero objectives.”