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International Women in Engineering Day

Every year, International Women in Engineering Day offers us a chance to honour the critical role women play in STEM fields globally. It provides a unique platform to highlight the fortitude of women in engineering, who break barriers, spearhead innovation, and shape the future.

One of the key strengths of Indara are our people including the expertise and talent of our female engineers. Our engineers, including Project Engineer Kaiqi Zhu (Vicky), bring more than technical knowledge to our projects; they also contribute leadership, creativity, and problem-solving skills that significantly influence our ability to deliver for our customers.

Vicky holds a Bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications Engineering and a Master’s in Civil Engineering. As a Project Engineer, she liaises with diverse teams, merging her knowledge of telecommunications and civil engineering, something she thoroughly enjoys. Her passion for engineering was sparked during childhood, which manifested through her interest in Lego and how structures shape cityscapes.

“I like logic … that’s why I chose engineering. I was interested in how to create buildings that change the world at a very young age. In my role at Indara, I am able to get involved in many interesting projects – designing and deploying digital infrastructure that will provide benefits for the community through connectivity. Every project is different and challenging in its own way but there is something so satisfying with completing a project for our customers and collaborating in a team to get it done”.

To other women contemplating a career in engineering, Vicky says “Don’t shy away from challenges. It’s critical to try different things and make independent choices without succumbing to other people’s expectations or limitations you have set for yourself.”

She advises other female engineers to work for an organisation that has an effective support system – one that fosters professional development and mentoring by other senior engineers.

“Not every workplace is the same, unfortunately, in some workplaces, if they see you are a woman, they will treat you differently. At Indara for example, we don’t have that separation treatment. There is the same standard for everyone. They won’t set boundaries for you, like “you can’t do this because you’re a woman”. I have a great support network here that will enable me to keep growing in my engineering career.’

On International Women in Engineering Day, Indara celebrates the remarkable women in our ranks and worldwide. Their skills, commitment, and passion illuminate the path ahead in the world of telecommunications, transforming the world one innovation at a time.