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Indara rolls out smart locks to provide better security and accountability for its critical infrastructure sites.

As a leading provider of digital infrastructure, Indara has started implementing digital smart locks across our site portfolio to improve site security, accountability, and a more sustainable solution.

The digital smart locks will provide enhanced security features that allows Indara to monitor and control access to our sites more effectively compared to traditional lock and key methods. It will eliminate common issues such as unlocked gates and the need for issuing multiple keys when they are lost or misplaced.

As the smart locks are integrated into Indara’s own system, we can easily monitor who has accessed our towers and when, providing better accountability and security across our sites. Unlike traditional locks, smart locks can control user access for specific periods of time, making site access more secure. Additionally, Indara can grant authorised personnel immediate access to our sites instantly and remotely. A digital key can be sent directly to their mobile devices enabling faster site access.

Integrating the smart locks with the existing site permitting systems will also ensure that all authorized attendees have the latest site and HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality) information before their visit. The smart locks program will also allow Indara to streamline the scheduling of maintenance work on our towers. By providing access to sites only when necessary, the smart locks will reduce downtime as well as maintenance costs.

Alan Bennett, Executive Director of Operations at Indara, said, “We are thrilled to be rolling out our smart locks program across our portfolio. It demonstrates our commitment to providing innovative and effective solutions to our customers and our broader commitment to site safety.”

“At Indara, we aim to be at the forefront of best practice technology. The smart locks will provide a more secure environment across our sites, improve maintenance scheduling, enhance accountability, and ultimately enable us to provide better services to our customers.”

The smart locks rollout program has already begun, with over 800 sites currently upgraded, and will continue to be implemented across all Indara sites over the next 6 months.

For more information on our Smart Locks, please contact your Indara Colocation Coordinator or Site Management Centre by calling 1800 006 667 or email us at