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Innovation is in our DNA. We’re accelerating Australia’s digital future – and opening up a world of possibilities at the same time.

We spoke to Todd Lankford, Director, Operations Transformation and Alan Bennett, Executive Director, Operations about how Indara is investing in digital twin technology to drive better outcomes for the business, their customers and the wider community.

Exploring the benefits of digital twins for Indara and customers alike

Indara is currently undertaking a large-scale digital transformation, creating digital twins of all assets in its 4,500-strong tower portfolio.

“Digital twins are digital representations of our sites that provide Indara and our customers with access to up-to-date and accurate information, including asset details and customer information. With sites and equipment changing regularly, the industry has historically struggled with accessing up-to-date data to make decisions without costly and time-consuming trips to site,” Todd said.

“By intertwining the virtual and physical worlds, we’re enabling a range of benefits for our customers. Ultimately, our aim is to improve our customers’ experience and get them on site faster and easier. The real benefit of digital twins is realised through the integration of the data with our systems to have a single source of truth. Having information completely interconnected and synchronised in a secure shared portal will provide our customers with the analytics to better support more accurate business decision-making,”

Alan Bennett sees the implementation of digital twins as a significant opportunity for Indara to boost operational efficiency and scalability.

“For our teams, digital twins enable us to simplify and streamline processes. With better data, we can more accurately monitor and assess proposed changes on our infrastructure – which allows us to be more efficient in the way we serve our customers. Without the need to physically go out to site, we can reduce maintenance and services costs, reduce business risk and the impact on the environment.” said Alan.

Consistency and collaboration will be key

“At Indara, we’re strong advocates for collaboration within the industry. I previously hosted an industry workshop, bringing together tower owners and customers to discuss digital twin use cases and how we can work together to create a seamless experience for everyone,” Todd said.

As tower owners, the responsibility of digital twin creation and maintenance sits with us. At Indara, we want to make sure the data we capture can be seamlessly integrated with our customers’ systems to make their lives easier – but it’s important for us to remember that many of our customers also work with other TowerCos.”

“If we work together as an industry to develop streamlined systems for collecting information across the industry, our customers will benefit. Developing industry best practice and ensuring consistency and collaboration is key.”

“At Indara, we will continue to lead the conversations around collaboration now and into the future.”