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Australia Tower Network expands its smart city infrastructure offering by completing the acquisition of ENE.HUB and HUB

Australia Tower Network (ATN) has today announced that it has completed the acquisition of public places, digital infrastructure, and services providers ENE.HUB and HUB.

ATN, co-owned by AustralianSuper and Singtel, is Australia’s largest independent owner of critical digital infrastructure. The acquisition of ENE.HUB and HUB align with ATN’s vision to accelerate the role that emerging digital and data technologies play in connecting communities across Australia.

ENE.HUB and HUB enable smart cities by connecting, activating, and measuring engagement in public places and spaces through the design, manufacture and deployment of smart poles and smart street furniture. ENE.HUB and HUB also provide managed services and a data analytics platform to allow customers to create better, more liveable urban spaces. Current customers include mobile operators and a growing number of local councils and state government entities such as City of Sydney, Brisbane City Council, Moreton Bay Regional Council, City of greater Geelong, and the Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain Trust.

ATN’s Chief Executive Officer, Cameron Evans, said, “A city or space becomes truly ‘smart’ when it is connected. With consumer reliance on mobile devices increasing and mobile data traffic volumes growing exponentially, communities across Australia need the critical network infrastructure to stay connected and allow their citizens to access a diverse range of digital services when they are out and about.”

“ATN’s expertise in deploying, owning, and managing critical infrastructure combined with ENE.HUB’s expertise in small cells and smart city infrastructure enables us to deliver a breadth of digital solutions that keep cities, industries and communities across Australia connected,” said Evans.

ENE.HUB’s founder and co-Chief Executive Officer, Robert Matchett, welcomes the partnership as it enables ENE.HUB to further scale the delivery of its market-leading products and services.

“The acquisition marks a new chapter of growth for ENE.HUB. With our combined connectivity and smart city infrastructure solutions, we hope to deliver better outcomes for cities, industries, and communities throughout Australia.”

Scott Williams, co-Chief Executive Officer of ENE.HUB, said, “This new partnership strengthens ENE.HUB’s role in supporting mobile network operators to enable 5G connectivity across the nation.”

ENE.HUB and HUB will allow ATN to accelerate the digital capabilities of its communities by providing the critical physical and digital infrastructure that keeps Australia connected, strengthening its vision to be the nation’s leading digital connectivity provider.