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Customer Portal

Find sites, submit and manage colocation applications and Structel projects – all in one easy to use platform.

The Customer Portal digitises our colocation application process and provides intelligent real-time information and analytics. You can also submit Structel requests and track the status of your existing projects.

Our ultimate objective is to facilitate fast access to sites, providing accurate and detailed information that enhances your network deployment capability.

By utilising real-time site data, milestone tracking, notification of actions, customised reporting and digital document approval, the Customer Portal will give you the control, visibility and information you need to manage your network more effectively.

Find Our Sites

A robust, faster and easier way to find the site you’re looking for. Find sites that match your criteria – search by geographic coordinates, carrier site ID, RFNSA ID, BUN number, address, site type, distance or do a radius search.

If you don’t have a customer portal login you can search our site on the Site Finder page.

Indara Sites
Find sites that match your criteria
View or download site information and drawings
Add sites to new or existing colocation projects

Track and Manage Your Applications

Get full visibility of your application status as it progresses through each milestone. Access all correspondence and information relating to your application in a single location and get detailed reports through our customisable dashboard. Our built-in portal allows you to:

  • Track application milestone
  • Progress your applications faster through notifications of pending actions
  • Submit and approve documents and quotes online
  • Easily submit change requests any time

Contact Us

Please Note: If you require Site Access, you do not need a Customer Portal account – click here for details.