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We are Indara, a leading owner and operator of digital infrastructure

Our vision is to accelerate a sustainable digital future for all Australians by becoming the first-choice partner and provider of digital infrastructure to support smarter and more connected communities.
Indara 5G Mobile Tower

Enabling critical physical and digital infrastructure delivery

Indara owns, builds, operates and manages a diverse network of critical physical and digital infrastructure.
Our infrastructure solutions service a wide range of customers and partners. Our rapidly growing portfolio of over 4,300 sites across Australia enables us to support our customers’ growth ambitions and meet the evolving requirements of our digital society.
ENEHUB Light Pole
Suburb Rooftops Aerial View

Extensive experience in designing and building bespoke infrastructure

We are shaping the future of digital infrastructure by deploying innovative technologies that improve the lives of our shared communities.
We leverage our longstanding reputation for operational excellence, engineering expertise and exceptional customer experiences, to provide bespoke infrastructure solutions that empower a better digital future.

We actively prioritise sustainability initiatives in our organisation, where ESG and D&I commitments are core in the delivery of our business strategy


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If you are looking for innovative digital infrastructure solutions to support your network, contact our experienced team using the online enquiry form below.